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Removing the core: can Apple survive without Jobs?

Friday, August 26th, 2011 by Guest blogger

Graham Staplehurst, global director, Brandz, Millward Brown:

With the news that Steve Jobs has resigned as CEO of Apple, came speculation from the City, media and analysts about the future ability of Apple to survive without its saviour and innovator at the helm. While it’s clear that Jobs has imbued much of his own personality into the brand, the brand is distinct enough to survive without Jobs – in the minds of its customers at least. And it is this consumer opinion that is most important for the future of the world’s most valuable brand, now worth $153 bn, (£93.9bn). (more…)

Hype Pad

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010 by David Murphy

Apple’s iPad went on sale in the UK on Friday, 28 May, following its US launch on 3 April. Already, there are 5,000 applications (apps) for the iPad in the Apple App Store, and in the two months since its US launch, 2m iPads have already been sold.
Yesterday, I spent the day at a conference looking at the subject of mobile publishing: how can traditional “old school” publishers, or anyone else for that matter, successfully migrate their content to mobile, and make money from it?
The iPad was a recurring theme throughout the day. (more…)

Things You Should Seriously Look At (TUSSLA) Part 1 – iPhone Apps

Monday, January 18th, 2010 by Mark Kelleher

It’s time for a post in the occasional series of things ‘you should seriously look at’ in the marketing space. Today, one of Steve Jobs’s babies – iPhone Apps.

We said in our review of the year in December that this was the year of mobile marketing. Inclusion of mobile at the number 1 spot for growth and potential was almost totally due to Apple’s iPhone Apps. (more…)