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TV is not dead: it is alive and kicking

Friday, January 27th, 2012 by Guest blogger

Hamish Pringle, strategic advisor, 23red and co-author of Spending advertising money in the digital age:

In 2006 the Wall Street Journal asked: “As 30-Second Spot Fades, What Will Advertisers Do Next?”  And a year later CNN/Money reported: “The death of the 30-second TV commercial: Devices like the new Apple TV box and digital video recorders from TiVo, Motorola and Cisco could help bring an end to the traditional TV ad.” (more…)

Don’t miss out on the dot brand revolution…

Friday, January 6th, 2012 by Guest blogger

Roland LaPlante, chief marketing officer, Afilias:

Soon we’ll be witness to a “dot Brand” new revolution on the Internet. Dot Brand represents a historic change where any organisation can acquire and manage its own top-level domain (TLD). Essentially this means that companies who choose to opt for a dot Brand will see their brand’s name featured on the right side of the “dot” in web addresses for the first time: think “sale.tesco” rather than “”.

The introduction of dot Brand is good news for companies aspiring to expand their global footprint. It gives businesses the chance to enhance their brand presence and customer loyalty online, while maintaining brand security – particularly relevant in a tough economic climate. (more…)

Google Maps Street View – what next?

Friday, March 12th, 2010 by Paul Sloane

Where I live in Camberley has just gone up on Google Maps Street View.  It is remarkable to take a virtual stroll down your street as it was one day last year.  Have you tried this yet?  You can use it to look at the street where you lived as a child, the holiday cottage you plan to stay in, the new house that your friend has just moved into, your office and how the entrance looks etc.

This is just part of the revolution in geographic information and visual data that is available.  How can you use this in your marketing?  Well apart from making your own premises look as professional as possible it gives you a chance to do some market research on your clients or prospects.  Now you can look at somewhere before you go there and forewarned is forearmed.

The growth of useful data on the internet is staggering.  The continuing challenge is how to harness it for more effective communication, understanding, insights and marketing.